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Argassi, close to Zante town, is verdant, fertile area with an endless sand and shingle beach with warm shallow clear water that is safe and ideal for swimming and water sports.

It is one of the most cosmopolitan parts of Zakynthos, with shops, pool bars, and tavernas lining the waters’ edge, with a varied and vibrant nightlife that can suit all ages and tastes.

Around this area there are many old churches and the ruins of a medieval tower, and from here starts the footpath that leads to the peak of Mount Skopos (the 2nd largest mountain on the island), a must for ramblers and nature lovers.



Zakynthos,  also known as Zante is the most southerly and third largest of the Greek Ionian Islands, - 8.5 nautical miles from Kefalonia and 9.5 to the west of the Pelopennese.

It’s geographical position means that it is possible to visit other islands and the Greek mainland –tours and excursions are readily available and easy to book.

The Zakynthians display a particular sensitivity towards the environment and have persevered to keep large areas of the island unchanged and so preserve the natural flora and fauna.
A large section of the island is mountainous, the rest covered with low pine filled mountains and fertile plains.

The Greek government has created a National Marine Park at the Gulf of Laganas to specifically protect the Mediterranean loggerhead turtle which uses the south west of the island as a nesting ground to lay its eggs. Overnight flights into Zakynthos are prohibited in order to encourage this. 

Tourism has developed gradually and the locals’ sensitivity to nature has prevented giant holiday complexes from strangling the islands natural beauty.

See: Zante website for more information:

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