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Argassi Heights Church - Blessings, Ceremonies & Events

Argassi Heights Church,

We have a beautiful little church attached to the property
which visitors can use at any time - just ask for the key!

Argassi Heights Church

However we are more than happy to help you arrange a Blessing to Remember’ using the church. A blessing in our little church would be totally unique and a once in a lifetime occasion.

If you are interested this, please contact the owners via email to work alongside them to create your totally unique occasion.

Re-taking of marriage vows, handfastings and other events and occasions are also possible.
Email Leslie and Stuart to discuss your requirements and to arrange details and costs.

Argassi Heights Church at night



Argassi Heights number - in Greece - (0030 )698214297.

For further information, Email the English owners Lesley & Stuart - email will always be received even in Zazynthos

Self catering Holiday, Argassi, Zakinthos

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