Argassi Heights Apartments - Zakynthos (Zante) Self Catering

Contact Lesley & Stuart - English Owners of Argassi Heights!

Lesley and Stuart Morris

English owners Lesley and Stuart live at Argassi Heights during the season , so are always on hand to assist you with any enquiries or needs you may have.

Leslie and Stuart are Cornish and come from a small fishing village in West Cornwall which in recent years has seen a lot of tourism. Therefore they are very used to the needs that visitors may have when visiting a new area.

If you wish to book or have any enquiries please either email Lesley and Stuart at:

Or Phone: Argassi Heights number - in Greece - (0030) 698214297.

 Argassi Heights Apartments Sunset at Dusk

You can be sure you will always have a memorable and unique stay at Argassi Heights Apartments

Self catering Holiday, Argassi, Zakinthos

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